Tuesday, July 5, 2011


  1. One day I'll know how to work this thing..but for now this is what my post was supposed to say.
    I love buying material, I love online shopping, and I love supporting Aussie when I found obviously I was in love.
    This set of material is called hullabaloo. I purchased 2 sets of charm squares and cut them in half.  Hopefully very soon it will be a very cute baby blanket. I'll keep you updated.
    I don't like copying things I see, I just love seeing things and being inspired. Here is the pic inspiring my blanket...
    My plan for this blog is to share things I see and love. But most important..share my creations.

  2. The material is gorgeous Emily. Maybe i could come over one day and you could teach me how to sew. I have always wanted to make a patchwork quilt- I have a blanket fetish :) and a shoe fetish and a book fetish and a stationary fetish.. think thats about it :)

  3. Thanks! Wait till you see my new favourite..central park.
    I would love to teach you!! I have always wanted to quilt but the task always seemed too big and impossible..and then one day I blankets! So we'll start you off on something achievable so you can feel a million bucks.
    Now you're on your way to satisfy fetish about fetish 4, have you been to the smiggle store? I don't know how I walk out of there with money still in my purse. Ooo we could make pencil cases..arr more ideas (not what I need when I have a million projects started, and one finished). One day I'm going to make a quilted scripture case that looks like a book!